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Benefits Of HEPA Filtration Systems

Benefits of hepa filtration systems

There are many benefits to having our team install a HEPA filtration system for your property! Read about these benefits, then give us a call to schedule your HEPA filtration system appointment with us today!

The Basics

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. These filtration systems are tested, certified, and labeled as HEPA. They're able to trap particles as small as 0.3 micron particles, and have a minimum efficiency of 99.97% in the US!

HEPA filtration systems are made of thin glass fibers that have activated carbon which keeps the fibers thick, paper-like, and pleated. If contaminants come within 1 diameter of the fibers, they're brought into the system and contained. For every 10,000 particles that pass through a HEPA filter, only 3 are able to slip through!

Benefits Of HEPA Filtration Systems

Let's take a look at all of the benefits that HEPA filtration systems are able to provide for property owners!

Stops Allergens in Their Tracks

Allergens can sneak through many types of filters - but not HEPA! People who are prone to allergies and respiratory issues can benefit immensely from a HEPA filtration system. People with asthma won't have to worry about dirt, dust, pollen, or dander making their condition worse.

No Harmful Byproducts

Some air filters release byproducts in the air that cause them to hurt your indoor air quality almost as much as they help it. Instead of dealing with byproducts, people are relying on HEPA filtration systems instead. They're environmentally friendly and completely safe to use!

Infant's Choice

As far as air purification is concerned, our pickiest of people - newborns - choose HEPA filters! HEPA filters help to stop infants from having respiratory infections and dealing with allergies. If they can protect our most important members of society, they're good enough to protect us all!

Puts Smoking In Its Place

Smoking is an activity that's best enjoyed outside to avoid any potential for second-hand smoke to affect others. HEPA filters keep smoke particles outside!

Stops Unpleasant Smells

HEPA filters are so effective that they can actually neutralize bad odors. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, can be found in air fresheners, aerosol sprays, paint, and other common things you have in your home. HEPA filters get rid of these chemicals, including gas and formaldehyde, stopping headaches, nausea, and breathing difficulties before these symptoms start.

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